The Top Reasons To Take A Professional Ski Or Snowboard Lesson

The Top Reasons to Take a Professional Ski or Snowboard Lesson

Whether you are a beginner or advanced skier, booking a ski or snowboard lesson with a professional instructor is well worth the time and energy. Beginners will start out on easy terrain, where they feel safe and comfortable enough to learn the basics, whereas advanced skiers or snowboarders will have the opportunity to explore new terrain and work with a professional instructor to learn new skills and perfect their technique.

Continue reading for the top reasons you should take a professional ski or snowboard lesson. The tips provided are from the Professional Ski and Snowboard Instructors of America and the American Association of Snowboard Instructors.

Make Winter More Fun

Develop confidence, achieve your goals, and, ultimately, have some fun. "A lesson will make your learning process safer, faster, more effective and WAY more fun," says Matt Boyd of the Professional Ski Instructors of America (PSIA) Alpine Team.

Be Your Best by Learning From the Best

Lessons by professional instructors offer you the opportunity to learn from the best and, ultimately, be the best you possibly can. You will get better faster and ride to your fullest potential. "You'll enjoy learning new things," says Emily Lovett of the PSIA Cross Country Team.

Save Your Relationship

Just like exercising together, sharing the same passion like skiing or snowboarding will strengthen the bond of your relationship. "Your significant other will stay your significant other, and still want to ski or snowboard with you," says Jeb Boyd, team captain for the Professional Ski Instructors of America and the American Association of Snowboard Instructors (PSIA-AASI).

Stay Friends With Your Friends

"Friends don't let friends teach friends," says Amy Gan of the AASI Snowboard Team. Take a professional lesson, instead. Then, when you're ready, head out to the slopes. "You'll have more fun on the mountain when you do," she adds.

Ski and Ride to Your Fullest Potential

Regardless of your skill level, professional lessons are always an option. "Even if you're an expert, your instructor will show you something you've never tried or seen before," says Eric Rolls of the AASI Snowboard Team.

Get Your Own Personal Guide to the Mountain

What better way to learn about the mountain then by riding through it with your own personal guide? "Taking a lesson means exploring the mountain with someone who knows it better than you do," says Chris Rogers of the AASI Snowboard Team.

Get Better Faster

"Get the confidence to go further," says Grant Bishop of the PSIA Telemark Team. Whether you are interested in learning the basics, picking up new skills, or improving your current skills, lessons are the way to go. "Professional instruction is the fastest way to get better and have more fun," says Jonathan Ballou of the PSIA Alpine Team.

Learn the Easy Way

Stop torturing yourself on the mountain by trying to teach yourself. How will you ever know the right way if you don't seek professional advice?  "Why suffer until tomorrow when you could have learned it today," says Geoff Krill, coach for the PSIA-AASI Adaptive Team.

Ski and Ride With Your Friends and Family

Spend more time together, have fun, and create new memories with your family on the slopes. "You'll enjoy your vacation more," says Tony Macri of the AASI Snowboard Team.