The 15 Most Dangerous Ski Runs In The World

Adventurous people often find different ways to push their limits. Skiers are likely to head for dangerous and steep slopes for an intense rush of adrenaline. However, problems arise when you disregard potential risks and don't realistically assess your skills for certain sinister runs.[slideshow:97933]

Don't be surprised if you are advised to carry a shovel or a tracking device in case you get buried by an avalanche. Some runs have about 80 percent decline, so be aware that falling often means there will be no way of stopping until you actually reach the bottom of the mountain. Some runs are often closed altogether because avalanches are common.

The concept of scaling a mountain only to fly down as fast as possible with two fragile skis strapped to your feet sounds a little crazy to non-skiers, but it's a dream for many people who have already made the sport a hobby. Once you've done it, the feeling is incredible; and that's what brings you back each time.

The ski runs on the following list were considered based on the pitch of the slope, vertical drops, grooming, and other obstacles. Deaths and injuries are not taken into account because statistics are often incomplete or inaccurate — many incidents remain unreported as resorts are not monitored by the government.

If you thought hardcore skiing meant jumping off a helicopter down a hill, you may want to reconsider. The thrill of skiing down these runs can make anyone bold, crazy, or both.

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