The Best Backcountry Cabins If You Want To Avoid The Crowded Ski Resorts

Ski resorts are already opening for the winter season all over the country. Adventurers who begin to plan a trip should consider staying at a cozy log cabin for a refreshingly authentic experience in the wilderness.[slideshow:93492]

An off the beaten path mountain escape may be just what you need. This type of thrill – staying at pastoral lodges set deep in nature near ski resorts and in the middle of lush forests – is a real winter paradise. All of the countryside spoils are literally outside the door.

A true highland experience does not usually include luxurious resorts and the huge crowds they bring. It actually is more about exploring the backcountry covered in pure snow, enjoying the quietness and calming whisper of the countryside, and staring at clear night skies by a cozy fireplace. 

The simplicity of staying at a cabin, hut or a yurt, is charming and captivating. Imagine just you – maybe with your family or a few friends – surrounded by mountains, snow and stillness and peace.

Regardless of whether you go on backcountry trips to a treehouse in the woods every year or you're thinking about embarking on this unforgettable adventure for the first time, the journey will open new horizons for you and will be well-worth your time and effort.

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