Best New Skis And Boots For 2016

If you're new to skiing, regardless of whether you prefer backcountry or alpine, investing in the right gear is crucial. Wearing the wrong boots or sliding on the wrong skis can result in an injury.

Snowboarding has grown in popularity immensely but skiing is right up there in terms of attractiveness and it's not losing ground.[slideshow:82083]

When it comes to finally being on the top of the mountain getting ready to race other skiers down, having the right kind of equipment is an advantage. Being able to have the best performance and as much fun as possible starts with having the right pair of skis and boots. They are inseparable and what makes it possible for you to control your movements on top of the snow so you can change directions easily and do all sorts of tricks.

Skis and boots have come a long way since having just two types – for downhill and cross country. The boots are now higher and focus on the pressure on the calf and ankle so your side motions don't hurt you.

If there is one most important component of your ski setup it is the boots. Only through them you can make sure your body does what you intend it to. Ski boot shells are made of hard plastic and that means that the shape of your boots won't adapt to the shape of your feet, which is a recipe for an injury. You have to find the right size AND shape. They will vary with each person's performance level and returns on the hills.

Skis vary in a similar way but you have to match them to the terrain you're about to be skiing. If you're looking for "one size fits" kind of gear, go for all-mountain skis with narrower waists in the middle. If you're new to skiing, these will do. They hold an edge on groomed routes and hard snow. Skis with wide waist are good for backcountry and the snow is deep. Both skis and boots are made lighter and thinner waists.

To help you choose, we picked several skis and boots for all aspirations and levels that came out recently:

Rossignol Soul 7

This pair of skis is good for all kinds of skiers – from beginners to professionals. They are fast enough for various terrains all over the mountain. They are recommended especially for deep snow. They are 106mm wide and have a versatile Power Turn Rocker to conquer any type of snow. Thanks to the Power Turn's large amount of tip splay, the skis smooths out the snow which makes you feel as if you were floating. Price: $850

Dynafit Radical CR

They are ideal for uphill as well as downhill skiing. The pair is also pretty light – each boot is only 3.7 pounds. The boots provide 60 degrees of cuff rotation when you're walking and skiing feels easy. They are perfect for longer tours and come with a thermo-moldable liner. The four-buckle boot holds your leg steady in place so it doesn't move around. The boots come with the Dynafit's improved toe inserts that make clicking into pintech bindings quicker and more dependable. Price: $550

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