Fun But Daring Winter Sports You Need To Try This Year

Writing down a seasonal bucket list is a wonderful tradition. People write out their intentions for the coming months and then try their best to cross at least a few items off the list.[slideshow:103631]

If you have yet to put one together, you should give it a try. The season will be over in the blink of an eye, so if there are things you want to do this winter writing them down might be the extra push you need.

Many snow adventurers say that a big ski trip is next for them and at the end of the season they promise themselves they'll find more time for the slopes next year. But will they?

Winter can be a tough time for people who are used to being outside a lot. It's hard to get motivated when it's cold. Skiing is an obvious option to burn some energy but storms can make trails and roads slick or impassable. Plus, it, as well as snowboarding, can be expensive and inconvenient at times.

It's no excuse to stay indoors all season long, though. If you're willing to get creative, snow and ice can actually make your outdoor experience more fun. These are activities and challenges you won't want to miss this winter.

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