The Best National Parks In The Winter

America's "best idea" – its beautiful national parks – offer visitors a chance to see some of nature's best work such as lavish forests, jagged summits and deep valleys all year round. These wonders become totally new places – but just as stunning – in the winter when covered in soft snow.[slideshow:96300]

This time of the year transforms the parks into majestic landscapes you have never seen before – vast ranges topped with white powder, dusted trails with no crowds, ice caves and frozen lakes and rivers. Imagine strangely-shaped red pillars against the striking contrast of snowflakes.

How would you like to see the Old Faithful's eruptions when there are just a dozen people there as opposed to hundreds every hour? The lack of people makes the parks even more serene. Add that to the ever-growing list of reasons to visit between December and March. Hot springs against the frigid air and white-coated trees and ice-coated cliffs, contribute to making the national parks a true winter wonderland.

Whatever your reasoning may be, certain places should absolutely not be overlooked just because it's winter and sitting by the fireplace is warm and comfy. The snow-white seclusion of the season makes for peaceful scenery all over the country.  

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