New Website 'Detour' Is Matching Users With Local Adventure Guides

Explorers, adventurers and daredevils, prepare for the best thing since moisture wicking base layers: detour by

Detour is a website where users can hire a certified and insured local adventure guide. Guides, who are checked out and verified by Backcountry, create full profiles and then post activities and adventures for users to choose from. Backcountry says the profiles are featured prominently so users can feel connected to their guides before they even meet them.

Guides can post almost any outdoor activity, including, but not limited to skiing, climbing, hiking, mountain biking, fishing, and any variation of those. Guides determine the price, duration and location of the event and they sort out the details with the user. The website is simple, easy to use and it takes less than 30 seconds to sign up.

Right now, Detour only supports activities in the Northeast, Colorado and Utah, but they plan to expand to California, Wyoming, Montana and Idaho in the near future.

When trying to understand this adventure marketplace it helps to envision existing platforms: think Groupon meets with an outdoor adventure twist. If that's not quite clear enough, take it from Backcountry's CEO Jill Layfield.

Detour sets our brand apart by offering tailored, locally-guided excursions that are unique and unrivaled. It provides a sense of exploration in an entirely new format, with skilled and knowledgeable guides leading guests to lesser-known powder stashes, crags, single-track and off-the-beaten-path hiking destinations around the country."

Detour is owned by, a reputable retailer of all things outdoors. Based on their brand recognition, Detour's ease of use and the simple fact that this is a brilliant idea, we expect the site to take off. Hopefully with more guides, tour options and locations we'll see slightly lower prices, as most of the tours are a bit out of our weekend budgets. Either way, this platform is fantastic and we can't wait to save up and try it out.

Which tour are you dying to try?