Healthy Travel Tips

Plan Ahead

Shirazi suggests choosing hotels with fitness facilities so that an area for exercise will be easily accessible. If he can't find a hotel that has its own gym, he'll do a search to make sure there are places to workout nearby before booking his room.

Make Friends

This especially applies to travelers who are planning repeat visits to certain cities. Shirazi makes a point of befriending trainers and instructors in the cities that he frequents so that he can schedule classes and appointments with them ahead of time.

Buy Beforehand

If you have the means to do so, buy class or session packages ahead of time that way you're obligated to follow through with your workout. This is a strategy that Shirazi uses to help make fitness a priority rather than an option.

Meal Management

Yes, travelling opens up lots of decadent dining opportunities, but it shouldn't be an excuse to indulge excessively. Shirazi stays on track by carrying healthy snacks and bringing his own food when possible.

Limit Alcohol

Shirazi says he lets himself indulge every now and then when out with clients abroad, but for the most part he avoids alcohol. "Enjoy it but practice moderation," he explains.

Embrace Ayurveda

"It's all about balance, not excess," says Shirazi. He follows an "ayurvedic" approach to life, which encourages a dynamic balance between our environment and the mind, body and spirit. He says this helps him to maintain mindfulness and keep everything in moderation.

Surround Yourself with Fit Friends

This tip applies for times when you're on-the-go but also when you're at home. Shirazi credits the success of maintaining many of his healthy habits to being in the constant company of friends who also place a high value on health and fitness. 

Walk Wherever You Can

If there's an easy and safe route that leads to your destination and it's within a reasonable walking distance, ditch your ride and take advantage of the opportunity to move more. Biking is always an option, too!