Camelback Hosts First Ever Relay For Life Snow-Tube-A-Thon

It seems any reason is good enough to get us out on the slopes. We'll take any justification to slide on our boots, strap on our skis and spend a day out on the mountain. Maybe that's why skiers and boarders respond so eagerly when presented with the opportunity to support a good cause on the slopes.

Sports have long been the perfect platform for charitable organizations and non-profits to raise money, spread awareness and recruit volunteers. Almost every marathon, triathlon or mud run is in some way associated with a good cause. The New York City Marathon encourages runners to linkup with a charity by offering guaranteed entry in the very exclusive race. The IRONMAN Foundation charitably gives hundreds of thousands, sometimes millions, to communities like Mont-Tremblant and Lake Placid. Tough Mudder donates to the Wounded Warrior Project, raising more than $6 million so far.

Active events are fantastic mediums for charitable causes. Relay for Life is familiar with the success that comes from passionate active people, which prompted them to contact Camelback. Camelback is home to the biggest snowtube park in the U.S., and they are currently celebrating their 50 year anniversary, the "year of giving back."

This year brought the first ever Relay for Life Snow-Tube-A-Thon. The inaugural event took place from March 8 to March 9, overnight and cost participants only $20. The motto for this year's event was "give cancer the cold shoulder."

 Kelly Joffe, Camelback's Marketing Specialist and an organizer of the event and says she plans to continue it each year. Joffe said the event was successful, with Relay for Life selling almost 500 tickets and Camelback's ticket sales in the thousands—between 2,000 and 3,000 she estimated.

The event involved four different Pennsylvania Relay for Life chapters and all of Monroe County. Even in the chilly weather the turnout was impressive and, according to Joffe, well worth the effort.

"It's important for us to support those types of initiatives," she said. "Working with Lisa Hoey (Relay for Life Specialist) has been really fantastic. Wonderful and we're really proud to do it."