A Pristine Kingdom: Green Travel In Bhutan

This year, access to this formerly closed-off kingdom will be easier than ever, as the only airline that services Bhutan, Drukair, will start offering daily flights from Bangkok, New Delhi, and Singapore. Internal flights are set to begin soon, too.

The country is already the host to a famed one-day, 166-mile mountain-bike race, Tour of the Dragon, and this year, Bio Bio Expeditions, Asia Transpacific Journeys, and OARS will begin leading new multisport itineraries here, including whitewater rafting, jungle trekking, and, of course, mountain biking.

"These are perhaps some of the finest sections of Class IV to V whitewater in the world, with beautiful scenic views and untouched forests carving through terrain that few have seen," says OARS Trip Designer Barbara Neary. "Along the route, when travelers are not on the river, they will have a number of opportunities to interact with Bhutanese monks—who are always welcoming and engaging—at their monasteries and dzongs."

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