Visit These Beautiful Places Before You Die

1. Natural Pool- Santorini, Greece

Visit the Kapari Natural Resort in Greece for one of the most relaxing vacations of your life. Enjoy their high-end restaurant, rooftop terrace, free full breakfast and breathtaking pool. This pool takes the meaning of serenity to a whole new level. It is a cave like pool with all white interior that will have you feeling like you are literally in another world.

2. The Subway, Zion National Park, Utah

Take the hike of your life to The Subway at Zion National Park. Start from the bottom, hike through the Left Fork of North Creek, walk over creeks, climb over boulders, and then finally arrive at this incredible canyon. Tip: Make sure you get a Zion backcountry permit before hiking; it is required for all of the hikes through the Left Fork/Subway.

3. Antelope Canyon, USA

The Antelope Canyon got its name because years ago herds of pronghorn antelopes would roam freely through it. Choose to explore the upper or lower Antelope Canyon. Schedule a tour to view the area where water runs through the rocks, located at the upper Antelope Canyon. Then visit the lower Antelope Canyon and admire the incredible rock arches.

4. Eilean Donan Castle, Scotland

Embark on the journey of a lifetime through the Eilean Donan Castle. This castle is one of the most visited attractions in the Scottish highlands, and we can definitely see why! Take a guided bus tour and explore the beauty of the castle and its surroundings.

5. Baatara Gorge Waterfall, Tannourine, Lebanon

The Baatara Gorge Waterfall, or "sinkhole," is located in the village of Balaa. It drops 837 ft. into a spectacular cave. For an adrenaline pumping experience, you can explore the surrounding areas by climbing. Tip: Visit the Baatara Gorge Waterfall in the spring when the waterfall's flow is stronger.

6. The Wave, Arizona

The Wave is located in Arizona. Make sure you bring your camera as you view the stunning scenery from the Top Rock Arch, Melody Arch, and the Grotto. You must get a permit to see the wave. 10 permits are applied every day, and some days 150 people could be applying. Although it is crowded and your chances are slim, I would really suggest giving it a shot anyway. The view of The Wave is just spectacular.

7. Tianzi Mountains, China

Book your trip to China to see the Tianzi Mountains! Take a two-hour scenic walk, then arrive to your location. Catch incredible views of cliffs, valleys and rock formations. Bring your camera to capture the beauty of the pagoda temple. Tip: Stay at a hotel in front of the Tianzi Mountain for a once in a lifetime experience.

8. Iguazu Falls, Argentina

Experience the jaw-dropping Iguazu Falls in Argentina. Reach the chain of hundreds of waterfalls from either side of the Argentine-Brazilian border.The falls are shared by the Iguazu National Park in Argentina and the Iguacu National Park in Brazil. Tip: Make sure you stay hydrated; Iguazu Falls experiences high temperatures year-round.

9. Kotor Bay, Montenegro

Sail through Kotor Bay for a unique experience or walk from Kotor old town to enjoy the Kotor bay. Stop off and grab a bite to eat at one of their delicious restaurants, then visit other Kotor landmarks. Some of these include, Kotor's Castle of San Giovanni, City Walls, St. Tryphon Cathedral and Piazza of the arms.

10. Portofino, Italy

Portofino Italy is full of fun things to do and see. Explore Portofino on a taxi boat, visit Castello Brown, the Faro di Portofino and Area Marina Protetta Portofino. Go for a stroll down the cobble stone streets, shop in their small shops, and when you get tired, grab a bite to eat in one of their many cafes.

11. Glass Igloo Village Hotels, Finland

Stay in a Thermal Glass Igloo for the ultimate vacation getaway. The Glass Igloo Village Hotels offer a clear view of the Northern Lights right from your own private igloo! Enjoy a cozy and peaceful night while staring off at the beautiful scenery. Also enjoy their smoke sauna and ice bar.

12. Cave in Algarve, Portugal

Take a sea cave tour in the Algarve! Step onto the boat and float along the calm waters. Enter countless caves and explore the alcoves. Listen to the water as it crashes into the rocks and admire the clear water surrounding you. Tip: Book your tour online to ensure your spot on the boat!