The Deadliest Storms Ever Recorded

Storms have resulted in some of the largest mass fatalities in the world. Uncontrollable flooding, winds over 100 miles per hour, mudslides, and floating debris have resulted in the deaths of hundreds of thousands of people in villages, towns, and major cities around the globe.[slideshow:104303]

The Active Times has researched the deadliest storms ever recorded, including tropical cyclones, typhoons, and hurricanes. These storms caused billions of dollars' worth of damage and sometimes devastated entire countries, with death tolls ranging anywhere from 250 people to 500,000 people.

As more and more humans populate the planet, severe weather has become increasingly destructive.

These are not mythic storms from long ago remembered by generations long gone; these are storms as recent as 2017 that you or your parents might recall befalling Bangladesh, Hong Kong, Mexico, or the Philippines. Their legacies of destruction are still felt by the populace living there today, who have tried to rebuild but who still live under the constant threat that they might see another of the world's deadliest storms ever recorded.

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