10 Things About Hotel Rooms That Should Scare You

You are so excited, your vacation is about to begin. But first, you need to put your bags away, so you go and check into your hotel room. Your first reaction, hopefully, is that everything "looks" incredible. But little do you know there are dangers hidden in your room.

Don't let a clean looking room fool you. Just because the beds are nicely made, your towels are arranged perfectly and your carpet looks spotless, doesn't mean it's actually clean.[slideshow:85096]

Some of the most touched places are the least clean; light switches, doorknobs, clocks and lamps, just to name a few.  Always remember to bring sanitary wipes with you so you can wipe down these bacteria infested places.

Your health should be one of your main concerns while on vacation. So before you head out and start having fun, make sure you first properly inspect your room by looking for stains on the sheets and bed bugs. Then exit your room and take precaution by placing the "do not disturb" sign on your door handle; the last thing you want to do is walk back into your room and see it has been broken into.


10 Things About Hotel Rooms That Should Scare You


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