Top 10 Trips To Find Your Celebrity Travel Style

Adventurous travelers are already planning how to spend their days off of work this year. Finding the best off the beaten path destinations and what to do once you get there requires time and research. How about taking example from a celebrity?[slideshow:102710]

Maybe you don't want to just go to a far-flung location and want to explore and learn about native cultures. Or maybe you don't want to feel like regular tourists, but instead want to know how locals live and be like them for a while.

Ditching the Oscar's red carpet or rocking the latest designer wear to make headlines, famous celebrity A-listers are out traversing the world in their own adventure style.

From Ewan McGregor's ultimate active adventure through Nepal to Barack Obama's kite-surfing vacation in the British Isles, celebrities are inspiring adventurers to get out and do something different.

The following list is provided by Exodus Travels, which has over 43 years of expertise in small group and self-guided hiking, cycling, cultural and responsible wildlife adventures that will inspire any traveler to rise to fame with Hollywood's biggest adventurers.

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