All In The Family: The World's Most Famous Siblings

The worlds of acting, modeling and sports can be brutal, so it likely helps to have a supportive brother or sister who's going through the same thing.[slideshow:104080]

The Olsen twins (pictured) started out on "Full House" when they were mere babies, and they're still supportive  of each other as they've grown and branched out into a successful fashion business together and left acting behind. Their little sister, Elizabeth Olsen, is blazing her own path in Hollywood.

It turns out that siblings can give us big benefits. Researchers at Brigham Young University found that sisters, specifically, seem to give siblings a positive mental-health jump in ways that parents do not.  The Olsen sisters are in good company with a lot of other talented and well-known siblings. In honor of Siblings Day, here are 20 other famous and successful siblings.

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