The World's 20 Most Fun-Filled Cities

With thousands of cheap flight and hotel deals going live every day, the world has never been more open for exploring. You may a little help picking a fun city full of adventure and entrainment.[slideshow:102527]

MrGamez has released a new ranking of the most fun destinations in the world. The research is based on a range of metrics from the number of amusement parks to the number of bars and restaurants, whilst taking into consideration the square kilometer of these destinations. The number of theatres, museums, and casinos were also considered.

To make the comparison fair across destinations of vastly different sizes, the overall amount was adjusted to a "per square kilometer" figure before the final ranking was calculated.

Surprisingly to some, the Czech Republic's capital tops the list of cities. Prague packs a huge amount into a small space, meaning you're never far from some entertainment in The City of a Hundred Spires.

The Netherlands proves to be not only top for culture but entertainment as well. Cities such as London and New York can boast the highest amounts of many other attractions.

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