Underrated Road Trips You've Never Thought To Take (But Should!)

If you feel like going on a getaway vacation, few can be more spontaneous than a road trip, which for many is the perfect way to travel. You just grab some food and water, fill up the tank and hop in the car.

Considering how cheap gas is these days, you are running out of excuses not to crank up the music and hit the open road.[slideshow:98644]

The adventure of seeing a new place, meeting new people, and trying new food is always an appealing idea. Getting to your destination faster may be tempting, but why risk the airline losing your luggage, break the bank with hidden fees or be squeezed into a tiny space for hours?

One of the biggest factors in the success (or lack of success) on any given road trip lies in the location. You have plenty of exciting options that don't include speeding down Route 66 in a convertible with rock music on. So, unless you're crossing the ocean, stick with a car. This is how you're going to witness marvelous scenic panoramas and explore off-the-beaten-path destinations.

With so many parks, historic landmarks, nature preserves, and recreational lands to choose from, no matter what country you're currently in, the opportunities for adventure and discovery are nearly endless.

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