The Most Thrilling Ways To See Fall Foliage Across The U.S.

You haven't fully immersed yourself in the fall season until you've taken a moment to truly appreciate all of the spectacular colors that begin to blossom as summer winds down.[slideshow:102345]

As the seasons transition, leaf-peeping naturally becomes the go-to activity for outdoor enthusiasts of all different types. Many hike or drive to snag stellar views of some of the most vibrant fall landscapes.

This is a relaxing way to reconnect with nature but there are more active and exhilarating ways to experience fall and its many spectacular shades.

Depending on where you live fall foliage may start to show intense colors soon. Leaf-peepers are probably getting ready to go out and travel the country, if necessary, to see them.

It's a classic experience worth your time and effort. Make it unforgettable this season by heading to a place where you can embark on several adventures. Bring your hiking boots, car keys, camping gear, and, most of all, your courage.

Click here to see 15 of the most thrilling ways to see fall foliage across the U.S.

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