The Most Incredible Castles You Can Actually Stay In Around The World

How does the idea of going on vacation and staying in castles built centuries ago that have survived war, invasions, and feuds between royal and noble families sound? The good news is it's possible.

These places range in prices. You can even find several on Airbnb and pay as little as you would at a conventional lodging house.[slideshow:84259]

Exploring the stone halls of the homes of former kings and queens and sleeping where some of the most powerful people in history did is an adventure in itself (30 Adventure Destinations for 2016).

Many of Europe's lasting ancient castles that have been turned into hotels are in Ireland, England and Scotland. But some marvelous constructions still stand in Russia, India and Portugal. You may not associate old palaces with the U.S. but America has several amazing baller manors as well.

Each grand estate on the list, now a hospitality venue, offers something unique. Choosing one over the other is a tough decision to make, but all will make you feel like a baron or a princess.

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