Illegal Adventures? Places Our Parents Weren't Allowed To Go

Planning a vacation is in many ways just as exciting as actually going on one. All that researching gets you fantasizing about what you'll do, who you'll meet, and the unforgettable memories you're going to create.

Nowadays people expand their horizons and travel to places they know little about or to locations that don't get a lot of tourists.  No destination is too far thanks to the many travel options – and discounts – out there. This wasn't always the case.[slideshow:98627]

An American passport grants its holder access to almost every country in the world. In 2012, citizens could travel to 166 countries without a visa or by getting one on arrival at the airport.

The most popular countries for visiting and moving to in the long-term are south and north of the border. Many people are going to places where the life expectancy is much higher due to improvements in lifestyle , medications, and better healthcare. They also go because people are happier there, according to international surveys.

But there were a few big and some not so very well-known exceptions. Your parents or older relatives may have wanted to go to Cuba or Iran but would not have been allowed or welcomed with open arms.

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