The Best Places For Whale Watching Adventure Trips

Photographers interested in marine life dream of taking the iconic shot of a whale tail surfacing the ocean or of a breaching whale. Hearing the eerie trumpeting noise these powerful creatures make in their natural habitat is a dream for many adventurers.[slideshow:102189]

Whale watching anywhere in the world is, for many, once in a lifetime opportunity to witness the giant marine mammals. Depending on where you are, breathtaking towering blue icebergs, mountains or endless black seas swirling around may be in the background.

An adventure trip to see whales is also a family activity that combines learning and entertainment. Plus, you're very likely to see sharks, seals and man's best aquatic friend – dolphins.

Some whales are to be observed from afar while others may want to approach your boat. Humpbacks, for example, love to play. They like slapping their tails against the water and throw their lower bodies out of the water. They also like to show off leaping out of the water and crashing back with a massive splash.

Just imagine witnessing the rare sight of a whale clearing its blowhole...This is a show to relish and appreciate.

You will have to go on a ship. To see whales, some of the most fascinating marine mammals, boat trips offer the greatest chance of success.

Click here for 20 of the best places for whale watching

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