The World's Scariest Bridges

One slip can change your life or end it. Perhaps it is the adrenaline rush of being vulnerable that makes crossing slippery, swinging bridges a popular adventure. It is certainly not a walk in the park – rotten wooden planks, rain, sudden changes in temperature, strong winds and sometimes no trailing put your life at risk.[slideshow:95315]

This may scare many people away, but the gorgeous views and the proud feeling of accomplishment after completing the challenge prevail. Bewildering and primitive bridges, and the uncertainly of how far below you lies the forest floor can turn your trip into the ultimate adventure experience.

Scary passages come in all shapes, sizes and heights. The element of fear sometimes comes from a glass floor, wailing winds or no safety railing. Some bridges on the list are very short but people still won't go and prefer to take a boat.

Fear of crossing bridges is also known as gephyrophobia. But the people who have it are not the only ones who will not dare to step foot on the following passages, some of which will make you wonder why they were even built.

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