Visiting 59 National Parks In 52 Weeks In An Airstream

Visiting all 59 national parks in the U.S. and its territories in 52 weeks in an airstream sounds like an impossible adventure to many. But several people have already been on the road doing exactly that because of the centennial anniversary of the National Park Service.  

Jonathan Irish, a professional outdoor, adventure, and travel photographer, and Stefanie Payne, his partner, who worked as a creative product development leader for NASA, quit their jobs to pursue this quest, and they would be the first ones to tell you they also thought it was impossible.[slideshow:84470]

"Ironically, it's not as hard as you think to just go but you must have a plan," Jonathan says. Having savings in your bank account or partners, as is the case with this trip, helps.

They call this adventure the "Greatest American Road Trip." But the first word that comes to mind when you ask them how they're feeling is "tired, oh my Gosh." "It's a combination of being very happy to be in the parks but also very tired. I don't even know if we're conscious of how fast we're moving," he adds.

Jonathan and Stefanie are purposefully ending the trip in Hawaii. "We are going to sit on the beach and do nothing for a month," Jonathan says.

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