Spend The Night In Jail: Former Prisons Turned Into Hotels

Would you pay to spend the night in a cell? Many people would and there is a good reason for that—it's a unique experience for any adventurer. The thought of a prison-turned-hotel is intriguing.

People can do time without the crime. Guests have a wide ranging choice from luxurious suites to frighteningly authentic inmate experiences. In a way, you'd much rather break in than break out.[slideshow:101826]

Abandoned penitentiaries have become desired destinations for a vacation. Emphasis is put on the accommodations and not on the tourist attractions in the vicinity. The only requirement to stay at these unique facilities is to have a sense of humor and adventurism. Breaking the law is not necessary.

When booking a trip, look beyond the conventional options of expensive chain hotels and extremely cheap and cheap but uncomfortable rooms in private apartments. Consider staying in a former clink for a one-of-a-kind experience of life behind bars.

You are promised that you'll be given a key or that the doors will lock from the inside only. Whether you'll want to leave is another matter.

Click here to see former prisons that are now hotels

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