See The USA: The Coolest Car Trips

There's no need to take the same boring road trip with your family year after year when there are tons of cooler roads less traveled.[slideshow:104333]

Sure, it's always nice to stock up on snacks and pile into the car and see the sights just outside your town, but sometimes it's more fun to wow your whole group by going someplace with spectacular views like you've never seen before.

The Active Times has researched routes, roads, and scenic byways to bring you a list of the coolest, most beautiful, most interesting car trips possible to make your summer fun.

From Alaska to Cape Cod there are tons of awesome car trips that are jam-packed with scenic beauty, historic places, and sacred spaces. Whether you want to drive across the desert, through the mountains, or along the ocean, there are some pretty amazing routes and roads you can take for either a few short hours or as many days as you want, just to explore.

Load up that playlist with car tunes, bring some snacks and some sunscreen, and don't forget to charge your phone, because you're going to be taking a ton of pictures once you embark on the 20 coolest car trips in the USA.

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