The Most Thrilling Places To Swim With Sharks

Many people are scared of swimming in shark infested beaches, and for good reason. Sharks have sharp teeth, frightening eyes and can be deadly. The word "shark!" alone usually sends people into panic. But, for the adrenaline seekers, who have no fear, there are places in the world where you can literally swim with the sharks.[slideshow:85688]

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Swimming with the sharks is an experience like no other. These deadly creatures are actually unique and spectacular animals. They have an incredible sense of smell, they live very long lives and for the most part, they are just trying to mind their own business... that is unless you antagonize them.

Visit the places on this list for an up close and personal shark encounter. Go cage diving and view Great White Sharks, snorkeling with lemon sharks or scuba diving into the deep blue sea. Adrenaline lovers – this is an adventure you will definitely want to add to your bucket list.


The Most Thrilling Places to Swim With Sharks


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