The Most Thrilling Places To Go Whitewater Rafting

Spring is finally upon us and when it comes to outdoor adventures, you can't beat whitewater rafting.   What's better than floating down a river as you soak up the sun and feel the cool breeze? Then add crashing through rapids and exploring wildlife for the full outdoor experience.

There is so much to look forward to on a whitewater rafting trip. It's genuinely a thrilling excursion that offers spectacular views of nature, and culture.[slideshow:82986]

These destinations will provide you with the most exhilarating white water rafting experiences. This unique sport will offer you one of the most entertaining and memorable experiences of a lifetime.

From class I rapids to class VI rapids, these destinations each consist of different levels of difficulty. Choose between a calm ride or a trip where you paddle along with the guide. But regardless of skill level, you should give whitewater rafting a shot.


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