The Absolute Best Places To Travel By Train

Tourists prefer to fly because it saves them time. But TSA security lines that can last for hours, lost luggage horror stories, and annoying fellow-passengers make the short trip feel like a lifetime of misery.[slideshow:88784]

Go ahead then, and take the train. Choose the scenic route over the quick one and make getting to your destination part of the vacation. Relax, take in the stunning sights and explore parts of the world you have never seen before.

Traveling by train may seem like traveling through time, but passengers continue to be thrilled by mountain summits, lavish landscapes, narrow and scary tunnels as well as terrifyingly steep grades.

All of these make for an unforgettable adventure as you crawl across countries and even an entire continent, especially when you consider that many train lines have different themed-shows onboard to keep people of all ages equally entertained.

Some people prefer the train because it's mysterious, others because they have the time and not the money for a plane ticket. Whatever the reason, the outcome is often the same – an iconic journey. 

Go on an adventurous trip with the museum train along the scenic and charming region of Slovenian Alps; see absolutely stunning rural landscapes and mighty mountains in Eastern Europe; get off a train station that is so quaint it won the "Best Kept Station" award in 2013; travel to Siberia by train along the longest continuous railway in the world; and take the train to Canada and stop by the lovely Jasper, quiet Lake Louise, small town of Banff.

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