7 Travel Lessons That Will Change Your Life

There is an old unattributed quote that states, "travel is the only thing you buy that makes you richer." Travelers value the experience, and every individual gets something different out of it, but those feelings and insights don't need to disappear when you return home.

After a trip, we're left with memories, souvenirs and, if we're lucky, a renewed perspective. Remembering the things you learned while traveling can make your daily life better, here are just some of the ways that's true.

#1 Kindness is free. It's easy to be friendly when you're getting a break from work, exploring a new place and looking to meet new people. Though it might take extra effort to extend that same kindness to strangers at home, remember it doesn't cost you anything but it will make both of your days better.

#2 It's good to unplug every once in a while. While traveling it's common for people to leave cell phones off and laptops at home. Freeing yourself from the pull of Wi-Fi allows you to be completely present. Take time to unplug at home and enjoy the same feeling.

#3 Your problems are small. Much like looking up at the stars, time away will put things in perspective. Stressful work issues and petty annoyances seem so silly and far away when you're in an amazing place. Remember this when you return.

#4 Be flexible. A seasoned traveler is, above all else, flexible. After a few trips, you learn to expect the unexpected, and then you learn to deal with whatever comes your way. That delicate balance of easygoing problem solving is something everyone should try to master, and the easiest way to test yourself is by traveling.

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#5 Health and physical fitness is paramount. Whether hiking the Andes from Ecuador to Chile or simply climbing the steep and narrow steps of the Notre Dame Cathedral, travel is easier and more enjoyable when you're fit. Similarly, regular exercise, a balanced diet and maintaining your health bring countless benefits at home. Make it a priority.

#6 Trying new things is a sign of growth. It's exciting to taste new food or try cliff diving while abroad. Travel has the tendency to make us more adventurous, but daily life doesn't need to be mundane. Remember to get out of your comfort zone every once in a while and try something new at home.

#7 Life is short. You can always earn more money, but you can never buy back time. Our routines give us the impression that we can avoid change and life is long. In reality, change is constant and years seem to pass in an instant.

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