5 Out-Of-Water Moves That Will Make You A Stronger Swimmer

Summer will be here before you know it and whether that means you'll be competing in triathlons or just enjoying time in the pool, chances are you'd like to be in good shape. Maybe you've been logging some time at a indoor pool, but even if you've taken a few months off some out-of-water exercise can help boost your in-water performance. Take a look at these five exercises for some inspiration; you'll be glad you started now when summer rolls around.

#1 Plank
Planks primarily strengthen the abs and back, but when done well this move can also improve strength and muscle endurance in your chest, shoulders, quads and glutes. Each of these muscle groups contributes to your performance in the water, especially the abdominals, which are key for body rotation and power in the pool.
How to do a plank: a complete guide to the perfect plank.

#2 Flutter Kicks
This move actually mimics movement you would do in the water. It's a great exercise for your hip flexors and an intense workout for the abs. Start laying flat on the floor, with your hands underneath your backside. Lift your head and watch your feet as you lift your legs about 6 inches from the ground and start to kick with your toes pointed.

#3 Overhead Press
Shoulder strength and flexibility is integral to strong swimming and avoiding overuse injury. Keep your shoulders, arms and upper back strong with the overhead press. We recommend performing the exercise standing for benefits to stabilizing muscles. Find dumbbells that feel comfortable but challenging and hold them beside your head with palms facing forward. Lift the weights into the air and slowly bring them back down, then repeat.

#4 Burpee
Burpees are the one move everyone loves to hate and that's because they're super effective. Burpees build total body strength, improve cardiovascular fitness, help build explosive power and improve joint range of motion. Practically everything you need to power through the water, all in one exercise.
How to do a burpee: a complete guide to the perfect burpee.

#5 Deadlift
This move will target your hamstrings, core, glutes, arms and back, all major contributors to strong swimming. Begin with your feet shoulder-width apart and the bar on the floor in front of you. When first starting don't add too much weight until you've got the right form down. Keep your spine neutral and your head up as you bend down to grab the bar. Keep your arms straight as you use your hamstring, glute and core muscles to raise your upper body until you're standing completely upright. Return to the starting position, slowly and repeat.