3 Simple Tips For Staying Fit While Traveling This Summer

For most of us, getting to the gym and eating well is a big enough challenge even when we're at home, so staying on top of these habits while we're traveling can sometimes feel like an even bigger obstacle.

And especially while you're on vacation: a time to relax, renew and de-stress. Hardly anyone wants to think about making time for the gym when the ultimate goal is to take it easy and unwind. But the truth is, staying fit and active while still reaping the relaxation benefits of being on vacation can actually be quite easy if you implement a few simple strategies.

As a professional big-mountain feeskier, Eddie Bauer athlete Lexi duPont travels frequently, and because she's constantly in and out of hotel rooms, she says she's always on the lookout for new, fun and easy ways to switch up her fitness routine with creative workout activities.

"I am constantly traveling for work and for play which means I am in and out of random hotels, typically without gym access," duPont said. "However, I don't let that stop me from breaking a sweat."

Below she shares the simple strategies she uses to stay fit and healthy while travelling around the world.  

"Airplanes and road trips dehydrate you more than you think, so always drink lots of water or grab a coconut water," duPont said. The key, she explained, is to make sure you do this before you get thirsty.

Hotel Room Workouts
"My second rule is to get my body moving before I leave my hotel room. When I travel my days are packed full with adventures, which leaves me little time to work out," duPont explained. "But if I get the blood flowing first thing in the morning I can spend the rest of my day focused on the activities or work at hand."

Here's her routine: Three rounds of 20 sit ups and 10 push-ups followed by Tabata  burpees—20 seconds on, 10 second rest, 20 seconds on, repeat for 4 minutes. 

 "It doesn't take long and can be done pretty much anywhere," duPont said.

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Cool It Down and Refuel
duPont said that while her routine might be short, it certainly gets her heart pumping, so afterwards she likes to cool down with some gentle stretching. Then, she refuels with a high-protein breakfast to keep her energy levels high through the day.

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