11 Essential Items You Might Be Missing On The Slopes

Whether you're headed out for your first day on the bunny hill or you're a seasoned pro, being unprepared happens too often. It's an awful feeling when you forget something you need. Maybe you always leave that one piece of equipment back at the lodge, or perhaps you're wondering what you need besides skis and a snowboard for your first time out. Whatever your situation– this list is for you.

Covering everything from seemingly obvious essentials to necessary survival tools, this is the go-to checklist. When getting ready for your next ski or snowboard trip it may be tempting to try traveling light, but that could be a big mistake when you're missing vital equipment out on the mountain. Remember to take what you need.

For those that have trouble remembering what they may need, this checklist should help you out when you're gearing up for your next trip down the mountain.