10 Top Running Cities Around The World

Very few sports offer athletes the chance to explore the world and exercise at the same time. Running is unique in that no matter where you are in the world, you can lace up your shoes and take in every aspect of a city's scenery in a way that really can't compare to the typical sight-seeing tour.

As CEO of The Bullitt Agency, an Electronic Dance Music talent agency with headquarters in Washington, DC and Barcelona, Arash Shirazi is a global jetsetter and a fitness fanatic who's pounded pavement in more cities than many people have the chance to see in a lifetime.

"Running is my time. It's my creative brain space," says Shirazi. "It's how I stay sane in an insane environment." It's also how he gets to see city sights beyond busy airport terminals and typical hotel rooms, which is much more than many entrepreneurs traveling for business can say.

Shirazi has worked in media for 14 years and he says running and fitness help keep him energized and mindful, which is important for keeping up with such a young and fast-paced industry.

The following 10 cities are his favorites for running. And if you're wondering what type of sneakers he takes along with him when he hits the road, his favorites are the Gel Kayanos by Asics.

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