10 Reasons Traveling With Kids Can Be Awesome

Everyone who has been on a plane with a screaming child knows that travel and young kids don't always mix. There's always a chance that will happen to you and your young one, but that's no reason to leave the kids home entirely. Some kids are great little travelers and the only way to find out is to try. There are reasons traveling with kids can be tough, but here are the reasons it's awesome.

They have all the energy you wish you had.

And they're ridiculously excited for new adventures.

They're not afraid of anything.

Which can occasionally be a bad thing...

They don't eat a ton, so you'll save at restaurants.

And some don't even need their own seat on a plane.

They'll show you up on the golf course.

You want to be mad but he's so darn cute.

After you've taught them how to ski.

They can be super helpful.

Who needs Kleenex when you've got these little guys?

And very friendly

Which, in turn, makes you more likeable.

So what are you waiting for? Get away from the daily grind and bring along the little ones for an epic adventure.