10 Extravagant Islands You Can Actually Buy

Imagine your perfect island getaway. It probably involves clear, turquoise waters, decadent fruity cocktails, a whole lot of sun, and a beach so quiet you'd think the rest of civilization had been washed out to sea.

With most island destinations being home to touristy resorts, that sort of trip might seem like a total fantasy that could never come true. Even the most secluded destinations are usually shared with a few other vacationers.

Unless you own the place privately, that is. Just think, a remote plot of unattached land to call your own. It isn't entirely impossible; to make it come true you just need a big chunk of change. After all, purchasing an island requires a bit more moola than say, a flight and hotel accommodations for an adventure to a faraway place. For the amount of isolation and relaxation it could provide, maybe it would be worth the extra investment though.

From Canada to the Bahamas and Greece to Abu Dhabi, there are islands all across the world just waiting to be scooped up by new owners. Aside from earning the money needed to buy one, all you have to do in order to get your name on the deed to the land is call up a real estate broker and let them know you're interested.

OK, the process might be a bit more complicated than that. But still, it's not impossible. And hey, aiming big is what The American Dream is all about right? Whether you choose to pursue it halfway across the globe or just off the coast of New England is totally up to you, though.

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