The 10 Best Ski Resorts In The West

When it comes to skiing, West is best; at least according to our list of the 50 best North American ski resorts. With destinations that boast immense mountains, extensive ski acreage, and top terrain parks, it's really no surprise that the Pacific Coast easily dominated the list's top 10 spots.

From Vail and Telluride to Park City and Alta together Colorado and Utah lay claim to the best skiing in the west. Of course, Canada and California are home to a few of the most popular ski destinations on the continent too, which means they were able to hold their own against the two stalwart states.

Regardless of which state you choose to visit, one thing is clear; anyone after an authentic and thrilling experience on the slopes would be best served by heading West. Because not only are the following resorts the best to visit in the West, but also the top 10 on the entire continent.