10 Totally Absurd (Or Completely Awesome?) Travel Pillows You Need To See

They line windows in airport gift shops, clutter carry-ons and litter closet floors across America. Potentially the most pointless travel accessory of all time, people still buy travel pillows and we can't figure out why. [slideshow:968]

It's clear that people are after that illusive concept called comfort, which is nowhere to be found on packed airplanes and crowded busses. Anything that might offset jet lag and make the trip more enjoyable is certainly worth a few bucks. So, we have been led to believe that a strange-looking neck cushion is the solution to all of our travel discomfort woes.

Embarrassingly enough, we all gave these little cushions a shot. After approximately two minutes of shifting and squirming, we realized it wasn't a miracle—just another illusion of coziness that's virtually unattainable when you're surrounded by strangers in a cramped cabin.

Sure, there are people out there who swear by travel pillows. They stuff the awkward cushions into their carry-ons, only to use them for a fraction of the trip along with their eye masks and, sometimes, their own travel blankets.

In the long run, all these accessories seem a bit ridiculous. Not only do they take up room in your carry-on and almost never work, they won't be making any appearances at fashion week either. When it comes down to it, comfort and quality sleep are nearly impossible on planes. And who are we kidding? You're not getting any shuteye with that toddler screaming anyway.

Until we can all afford our own private jets, they'll keep churning out "innovative" new travel pillows whose promises of relaxation and luxury are full of hot air—just like many of the strange pillows in our lineup.

Check Out These Totally Absurd (or Completely Awesome?) Travel Pillows

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