You Could Be Bear Grylls' Co-Star

OK, you won't exactly have co-star status, but if you're looking for adventure, Bear Grylls' new NBC show—working title "Get Out Alive"—is now casting for its premiere season. The details of the show are a bit sketchy at this point, but we do know it will pit teams of two against one another in remote wilderness survival situations to win "the reward of a lifetime."

"'Get Out Alive' will be raw, tough and unrelenting, but it will also inspire and teach the essentials that one day may just save your life," Grylls said in a statement when the show was announced last month. "The goal is to empower people with the ultimate in both survival and teamwork, and that brings incredible reward ... but first there must be some pain."

Pain is something Grylls knows well, having summited Everest at 23, crossing the far North Atlantic in an inflatable boat and being unceremoniously dumped by the Discovery Channel after six years of overwrought survival drama in his previous series, "Man Vs. Wild." With that reality show, Grylls was criticized for not accurately presenting survival situations as they happened. Discovery re-edited the most egregious episodes of the show, adding new voice-over to better depict what Grylls was doing.

To audition for the show, send an email to with the names of the two teammates, relationship to one another, occupations, short biographies, photos and contact information. Also include a brief message about why you should be picked to appear on the show. Applicants must be legal U.S. residents and be 21 years of age by February 1st, 2013. If selected, a valid U.S. passport is required, which likely means that parts of the show will be filmed outside of the country. Read NBC's announcement here.

If you're into adventure, survival and reality TV (and, really, who isn't?), pick a partner and sign up for "Get Out Alive," which is set to air in June 2013.

Via The Adventure Blog.