Watch: Wingsuit Jumper Smashes A Target In Flight

He jumps. He falls. He rockets down the slalom-course cliff in a wingsuit. He hits speeds of up to 155mph, grazing over rock faces, through trees, and past his film crew. Then, BLAMO—he whacks the top of a target with his left hand and keeps right on going to the bottom. (And it only took him two attempts to pull it off, to boot.)

According to Alexander Polli's YouTube page, the whacking of the yellow target marks the "first-ever successful wingsuit target strike." While Outside has pointed out that this claim may not be entirely accurate (BASE jumper Jeb Corliss hit his target of a string attached to a balloon while shooting his Grinding the Crack video in fall of 2011—which happens to be the same location of Polli's flight), it's safe to say that a wingsuit-clad target strike is not something that many have attempted—or succeeded in accomplishing.

Polli, a serious BASE jumper and wingsuit flyer who made waves a few months ago with his first viral video, stated that the purpose of this jump was to "change the perception of participants in this sport—as professional athletes driven by passion rather than adrenaline daredevil death-wishing lunatics." Throughout the video, he waxes about exactly how precise he can be with movements while in flight—almost giving the sense that he's able to control his fall in the same way that a mountain biker rides singletrack.

I don't know if I'm convinced—but I'm open to the idea. And really, whether he's a crazy daredevil or an elite, meticulous athlete, the target strike is not to be missed.