Video: Woman Slacklines Between Two Speeding Trucks

Slacklining doesn't have to be extreme (you can do it with your kids), but when someone takes the balancing act up a notch, it's pretty amazing. Capitalizing on the sport's growing popularity, Volvo just released this video. Meant to hype the "precise handling" of their new FHs, world-record holding highliner Faith Dickey walks a line strung between two Volvo trucks, moving (according to the video speedometer) at around 80kmh (50 mph).

"The stunt itself had to have been the most difficult line I have ever walked," Dickey wrote on her blog. And it's no wonder. Two moving trucks, a tunnel threatening to decapitate you (theoretically) at the end—props are due to both Dickey and the steady-handed (and -footed) drivers.

Via Gadling.