Video: This Year's Craziest Whitewater Kayaking

In the world of extreme sports video porn, there are more ways to get your daily dose of stoke than there are cereals to choose from in the grocery aisle. BASE jumpers and wingsuit flyers, surfers riding monster waves, mountain bikers taking on insane singletrack—the list goes on (and on and on). But in spite of our voracious appetite for this raw, intense footage, few people spend much time watching whitewater kayakers huck themselves from huge waterfalls or finish wave-launched spins and flips that give McKayla Maroney a run for her money. Which seems like a waste.

Whitewater kayaker Patrick Camblin agrees (though he may be a bit biased). "So many of the incredible things that happen in our sport never gain an audience," he told Outside. "I wanted to do something that might help change that." And changing that, he is.

This year marks the third installment of the Rider of the Year Awards (appropriately, Rider of the Year III) which rely on kayakers, photographers and videographers to upload their most killer footage to any of 17 categories, including rider of the year, best drop, best trick, carnage, photo or film of the year...the list goes on.

So, submit your footage! You have until October 14, at which point nominations will be honed down to the best before being voted on to choose winners.

Or, hey, if you don't have footage, check out the videos—the power behind the paddlers (and the water) is sure to get your heart rate up. The preview of this year's awards is above, and the winners of last year's are below (Hint: If you're into carnage, watch until the end—around 10:34 is what my nightmares are made of).

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