Video: Travel The World In 6 Minutes

This is what six years of traveling to 24 countries on seven continents looks like (when professionally edited into a tight, six-minute package, that is):

Pretty amazing, right? Terra Sacra, Latin for Sacred Earth, is the creation of footloose videographer Sean F. White, who had the good fortune of traveling to these gorgeous, far-flung locales in the name of television (for shows including "Art Wolfe's Travels to the Edge," "Ancient Megastructures" and "Battle Castle").

From the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge down to South Georgia Island, and across the planet to Syria, Japan, Bhutan and Bolivia (see an exhaustive list of locations here), White serves up jaw-dropping landscapes, haunting ruins and more than a fair share of stars trailing the night sky. And filming it wasn't all just cushy set-ups involving a tripod and a long nap (though we imagine some probably were). White risked his life—and, on one occasion, humiliation—for this film. Here's how:

  • He was charged and nearly trampled by a camera-shy bull African elephant in Kenya.
  • He was nearly run over by a drama queen bush pilot who waited until the last possible second for take-off.
  • He careened off a Bolivian highway when a tire fell off his truck (White suspects lug nut bandits!).
  • He narrowly dodged an anaconda that dropped from the trees in Brazil's Pantanal wetlands.
  • He lost his clothes to a nun (he claims it was "mistaken luggage identity") in the Amazon, but they were later returned via dugout canoe.

The takeaway here is that sometimes you can't fully appreciate a film (and the wide world it's showing off) until you grasp the filmmaker's courage-testing/hilarious hardships. Says White of the project, "This was the ultimate goal... To inspire a deepened appreciation for the world around us." Mission accomplished, sir.