Video: T-Bar FAIL

Sometimes, when you're cooped up in an office on a perfectly good Friday afternoon (this is completely hypothetical, of course), your brain needs a bit of candy. You know, something that transports you to the great outdoors, but which steers clear of heavy subjects like environmental degradation, species extinction and heart-stopping, life-is-hanging-in-the-balance stunts and expeditions.

That's why we chose this video of a poor snowboarder who just can't, for the life of him, ride the t-bar. Like Sisyphus with his stone, this guy (his name is "Dave," but that's all we know) lines up to ride the t-bar at least nine separate times, only to immediately wipe out or to make it up the first rise and lose it. One imagines the lift line peanut gallery as the baffled lifty tries again and again to show hapless "Dave" how to wedge the bar between his legs and go for it. It's not cool to laugh out loud at others' misfortunes when you're out on the slope, but it's perfectly acceptable when you're sitting behind a computer screen.

And it's not all a joke, anyway. At its heart, this is also an inspiring tale of a heroic character—"Dave"— who doesn't lose heart, even in the face of seemingly inevitable failure and humiliation. And, besides, he still needs to go up to take more turns. Wherever you are, Dave, we hope you've finally aced the t-bar.