Video: This Is Murmuration, And It's Amazing

You've seen videos go viral, but have you seen one do this?  

It's order, it's chaos, it's nature in full flight. It's called murmuration, and starlings do it at dusk.  This video did go a little bit viral last year, but it is so haunting, weird and autumnal we wanted to post it again.  We also came across this quote about the phenomenon from Don Tapscott at a TED Conference:

"I've been studying nature recently. Bees come in swarms and fish come in schools, while starlings at night come together and create one of the most spectacular things in all of nature, the astonishing starling murmuration, thousands of the birds dipping and diving together in a loose formation to protect themselves from predators. There is leadership, but there is no leader. It's an openness, a sharing of all kinds of information. I look at this thing and I get a lot of hope." 

Hat Tip: Steven Flax