VIDEO: Lava Kayaking In Hawaii (Pretty Dangerous!)

While on a shoot for the Brazilian TV show Kaiak, professional paddlers Pedro Oliva, Chris Korbulic and Ben Stookesberry made their way through near-boiling water next to a red-hot lava river.

The trio was in Hawaii when they came across this spot near one of the most active volcanoes in the world: Kilauea.

"The goal of our expedition was to find rivers and waterfalls in Hawaii and the possibility of finding a river of lava was so enticing," Oliva said in the video.

Although they could paddle within feet of the lava flows, the men had to be careful not to burn their hands in the hot water. After exploring by boat, they took to the lava coastline on foot.

While the footage is incredible, Oliva cautions that his team's adventures are often dangerous and should not be attempted by non-professionals.

"I hope people don't see these images and think that it is safe," Oliva said in the video.

Kaiak is a series dedicated entirely to footage that shows the paddlers in some of the most extreme kayaking destinations in the world. Since filming began, Oliva, Korbulic and Stookesberry have kayaked in Norway, Greenland and Brazil.

Via The Huffington Post.