VIDEO: Extreme Skiing In The Grand Tetons

Stormriders, a series presented by Outdoor Research and Outerlocal, delves into the question of why we ski from the perspective of one committed skier over the course of a single winter.

In the first season, Stormriders follows climber and skier Christian Beckwith, 44, who moved to Jackson Hole, WY. 20 years ago and has been playing in the Tetons ever since. He knows this range intimately and, he says, it feels like home.

In this second episode, Beckwith wonders whether the risks of extreme skiing are worth it. He's now a husband, father of a 2-year-old and is also trying to get a business of the ground.

"I want to go big this winter...just to know that I'm alive," he says in the video. "But can I justify it to my family? And can I justify it to myself?"

The Stormriders videos are produced by KGB Productions and filmed on site in Jackson Hole.

Via Verticulture.