Video: Dropping A 70-Foot Waterfall

Huck, a new short by filmmaker Andy Maser, beautifully showcases a day in the life of 23-year-old whitewater kayaker Evan Garcia—one of the emerging generation of kayakers who lives to air it out off of huge waterfalls. Maser used a high-performance RED Scarlet camera (capable of shooting 30 HD frames per second), a pair of Canon 7Ds and an onboard GoPro to capture the sensation of paddling off a raging 70-foot Outlet Falls in all its stomach-fluttering glory. For more about the film check out the story at

As an appropriately sobering counterweight to the shock and awe of this adrenaline-charged side of the sport, Canoe & Kayaker today released another video—this one, a portrait of two rising young kayak stars, Tyler Bradt and Jason Craig, who both broke their backs while attempting waterfall drops in Oregon and California, respectively. Eerily, both accidents happened on the same day: March 20, 2011. Bradt fractured his L1 vertebra, while Craig shattered his pelvis and spine—essentially, structurally separating his lower half from his torso. The video below is a companion piece to the Canoe & Kayak feature story charting the young athletes' recovery, in the June issue of the magazine, which is on stands now.