Video: 6 Months Of Surf Stoke

It's videos like this (save for the flop at 1:05, and unidentified body part being stitched up at 2:47) that make me wonder why I didn't embrace the professional surfing career I always seemed destined for in the big wave capital of Buffalo, NY.

Los Angeles-born Alex Gray, on the other hand, did choose that life, pursuing the biggest waves at breaks around the world, from South Africa to Fiji and beyond. Lucky for me, he makes edits that are ready-made for vicarious adventuring. Plus, Gray's not just another kid who can ride a wave. He's also an entertaining whirlwind of personality, left-field smart-ass humor and enthusiasm. One of his sponsors, Body Glove, says of Gray:

Alex Gray is one of the most unique people on the planet. He is a pro surfer, world traveler, comedian, ladies man, nudist, lobster diver, yoga god, paddler, and inspiration to many.

A ringing endorsement, if ever I've read one. Anyway, here's a fantastic, stoke-filled cut of Gray's travels in the first half of 2012 (only half!). Looking forward to more? You can follow Al's surfing exploits on his personal website,