Warm Yourself Up With These Photos Of Stunning Tropical Destinations

This time of year is often characterized by the freezing cold and icy blizzards if you live anywhere that knows the true meaning of the word "winter." Existing in a location does not necessarily mean you're looking to embrace it though, and those living through these colder winter months may be looking for a heated distraction.

65 Photos of Tropical Destinations to Make You Forget How Cold You Are Gallery

Instead of worrying what the weather might be like if you're in a city like Minneapolis, Fargo, Pittsburgh, or Stowe, think of how relaxing the warm weather in Belize might be or how appealing a festival in Rio de Janeiro sounds.

Whether you're thinking about a couples retreat to a Caribbean resort or escaping the cold with a trip to Cancun by yourself, we've got images from all over the globe to try and remind you that you can step outside of your igloo before the winter is over. Warm up with this visual list of 65 tropical destinaions to make you forget how cold you are.