The Spookiest Haunted Hotels To Visit This Halloween

There are haunted houses — like the fabricated kinds designed for entertainment when Halloween comes around each year. And then there are haunted houses — hotels, inns, lodges and various other sites that many believe are inhabited by otherworldly beings.

Some say they don't believe in ghosts, but if we had to bet, we'd guess a stay at one of these spooky shelters might just change their minds.

We were even made aware of an old castle in Ohio where ghost sightings are frequently reported and whose owners shared possible photographic evidence of such (see Landoll's Mohican Castle).

We'll let you be the judge, though.

Whether you're entirely skeptical or a believer who can't wait to book a spooky stay, from New York to California, here's a look at some of the country's most haunted hotels.

Deerfield Inn — Deerfield, Mass.

The entire village of Deerfield is a National Historic Landmark with more than 300 years of preserved history, including some of its original inhabitants who reportedly still hang around town. Almost every building on Main Street is thought to be haunted by at least one spirit and in particular, the Deerfield Inn is said to be the home of two ghosts —Cora Carlisle, an owner of the Inn during the early 20th century and Hershel, who is believed to be a former frequent guest. Guests and staff have reported both seeing and hearing Cora near her former living room and apparently Hershel likes to haunt rom 148. Those who've encountered him say he slips under the door and appears in a bright box of light that eventually diminishes and bounces around the room.

Punderson Manor State Park Lodge — Newbury, Ohio

Characterized by ominous lion statues and spooky stone walls that lead to its entrance, without even having to step inside, Punderson Manor immediately gives off a creepy vibe. An overnight stay here, though, will prove that this lodge's spookiness goes way beyond the surface. There have been handfuls of reports detailing paranormal activity, but perhaps the most terrifying account came from three employees in 1979 who all recounted seeing an apparition dressed like a lumberjack hanging by the neck from a rope in the room that is now the manor's lounge. They said they watched the image for nearly three hours until the sun rose and it finally faded away.

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